Who we are.

New Life Community Church is a non-Denominational Evangelical Christian Church, located close to Miami, in Kendall, Florida.
Most of us have come to Jesus as adults, and our belief and faith is strong in the Lord.
Our church is built on prayer, and we welcome prayer requests to pray over. (See THIS page)

See THIS page about our Doctrine.

Anyone is welcome to attend our Sunday Services and Bible Studies.
Details about locations are available at The Sunday Services. (See THIS page for location and map)

We consider ourselves a “Triage” church, working in our community for those who need a little help.
If you find yourself in need, send a prayer request (HERE), and someone will get back to you.
Please know we hold everyone’s personal information as sacred and will not share it with anyone outside of our Elders.

Meet Our Elders

Our Pastor and Two Sheepdogs...

Jesus Christ

King of Kings
Lord of Lords

Best able to take care of your needs!
Available 24/7 by prayer!

Rob Porras

Chief Sheepdog
Graduate School of Hard Knocks

Brad Smith

Prison Chaplain

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