Welcome to New Life Community Church!
You're welcome to browse our site, listen to some podcasts,
get a feel about who we are. What do we want?
We just want you to see Jesus! 

¡Bienvenido a New Life Community Church!
Le invitamos a navegar por nuestro sitio, escuchar algunos podcasts, tener una idea de quiénes somos. ¿Qué queremos?
¡Solo queremos que veas a Jesús!

More Content Coming...
Got some new podcasts, getting them edited and up soon!


Please note our donation system is "on the fritz"; we're working on it and should be up in a couple of days.
Please remember to keep New Life in your prayers. It is the strength we are built upon...
We now have what's called a "carousel" for photographs, and a page devoted to photographs of our family.
         Send me a message using the content page - I'll be able to provide a message back to you with instructions on how to send them in.
         Please note, if you have a lot of other people in a photo, make sure they are willing to allow their face on the internet.
         I know how to strip images of time, date and location information, so you will be secure.
And, security: We have two church bodies, and it would be helpful to get to know both congregations. Reason being, we do have at least one person who's at the door; but just in case, if you see someone who is acting in a threatening manner, please let our Elders, the ladies sitting at the back of the church, or any one of the men in our church. We have not had any "incidents" or phone calls against us, but it would be wise to follow the "If you see something, tell someone" to keep it that way. We only wish that everyone who comes will leave with a little less "baggage", more knowledge of scripture and helps in living in today's world, and of course, If you're not sure who Jesus is, and all He's done for you, talk to us. The most important thing we do is give witness of Jesus Christ in our own experiences, and why we believe in Him. This involves no money, no donations, no requirements; we just want you to know Him as deeply as we do, and what gives us the reason to come together and worship and learn more about Him every week.
Also, if you are facing a situation and are close to losing hope, ask to speak to one of our Elders. It's one reason they are there. We of course would come and get to know us, but if you feel that Jesus leads you to another church, it's OK with us. If you'd like to "check-in" now and then, you'll always be welcome.
A quick list of pages on our site; you will also find a list at the bottom of every page.
About UsOur DoctrineCalendar • Contact Us • Sunday Services  Donations • Message Podcasts • Our Ministries • Your Account • Our Bloggers
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Una lista rápida de las páginas en nuestro sitio; también encontrará una lista en la parte inferior de cada página.
Sobre NosotrosNuestra DoctrinaCalendarioContáctenosServicios del Domingo • DonacionesMensaje PodcastsNuestros MinisteriosSu CuentaNuestros Bloggers
¡Próximamente! ¡Peticiones de Oración, un Boletín y más! ...

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