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About New Life

New Life Community Church began over 20 years ago as a Bible Study for college students.
At the suggestion of some of the students, the elders assembled and agreed on a doctrine, as well as a mission to live as close to the church based on the scriptures in "Acts 2" as possible, and to minister to the community as real and following prayer and intervention of the Holy Spirit.

Since then, we have become known as a church that provides "spiritual triage" to the wounded of soul, as well as a somewhat unique platform for learning scripture, worshipping God, and finding direction and purpose of that which Jesus calls each and every person to do in this world.

As an organization we are independent, and do not have a larger denomination as a parent church, but we count ourselves among the worldwide church that believe Jesus Christ is Lord, the One True Son of the Living God, and we share the mission of bring Christ to all of the world.

Meet our Pastor!

The One and Only True Son of the Living God,
Emmanuel, The Lamb of God, The Alpha & Omega,
Jeshua Hamashia, Jesus Christ

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Church Leadership

Rob Porras - Associate Pastor & Chief Sheepdog
Brad Smith - Associate Pastor & Prison Chaplain
Eric Schlottman - Associate Pastor & Theologian

Ruben Lopez - Associate Pastor, Spanish Language Services


Cindy Smith
Carlos Monzon

Church Doctrine


New Life Community Church

meets Sundays Florida Christian School
See Services for exact location and driving directions
Service time is 11:00 AM
We have two services simultaneously in two rooms,
one in English, another in Spanish

Official Church mailing address:

11410 SW 242 Lane
Miami FL 33032

Church Office phone number:


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