by Brad Smith Jr.
It is now the beginning of a new month. Despite whatever may be happening in this world, time continues on. In the age to come, with our eternal lives thanks be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ, I suspect time will be of no concern, and perhaps will not even exist. However, that is not the now but what is to come. Scripture tells us that our works in this age will be tested and that we will be rewarded according to them. It would seem that, since we have only been allotted a certain amount of time in this age, that our reward for eternity is based on what we do with this time, and that to my knowledge there is no scripture referring to the gaining of additional rewards during our eternal life, our time here on this earth and in this age is of the utmost importance.
It is easy to believe that what we do in this life doesn”t matter if we are saved but I would say that is a belief which encourages lack of works and spiritual laziness. Satan is a thief. Most of us know this. We also know that he cannot take our salvation. This, however, does not stop him from stealing away from us our future reward by preventing us from doing good works in the name of Jesus Christ, who is love, and that includes leading us to believe that salvation is all we get. God is offering us more!
So the question now is what will you do with the time given to you? Do not be concerned with wasted time, there is nothing to do about it and worrying about it only steals time from your future. Who do you want to be in Christ? What do you want our Father to say of you in the last day? Be that person! You walk a mile on step at a time. You walk 1,000 miles in the same way. What can you work on right now to take the first step in becoming that person in Christ? Take that step!
For me, I need to get my household in order. I need to love my wife unconditionally. I have dear friends of mine that I have not supported as well as they needed, even when I was able to. Those are my primary goals for this month.

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