Lost At Sea

A little something I felt inspired to write.

Lost at Sea

(by Bradford Smith)

Separated from God, alone, left to fend for ourselves as orphans abandoned to the streets, this is how we begin our lives, stranded and suffering for the actions of our ancestors. Some of us get adopted by families, some good and some bad, and yet, something is not quite right. Even those of us who find ourselves in good households with caring parents can’t avoid the longing feeling that aches within our inner being; the feeling that we are missing something, that there is something more, that we belong somewhere else. The unfortunate souls who are left to take on the world alone, without a family, know the feeling well; their hearts not blinded by the façade of a temporary family.

What begins as a simple ache devolves into a chronic pain, magnified by years of a life in a rough and uncaring world. Frustration and desperation increase as so called remedies and cures fail to resolve the root of the issue that runs deep into our souls. Hope subsides as we realize we are powerless to save ourselves. Is this the meaning of life; pain, suffering, and death? Surely there is more, we must’ve missed something.

As a lost sailor at sea, tossed and turned by the chaos of the vast ocean, we scan the horizon of nothingness in search of a sense of direction. As we catch a glimpse of something glimmering in the distance, a spark is set to the kindling of our hope. We are cautious, though, not to allow it to ignite all of our hope, having been failed and let down so many times before. As we cautiously proceed, we begin to perceive the beauty of the light. Its radiance calls out to us. We recall the fables the world has told us of the sirens who lure sailors to their deaths with the ensnaring melody of their songs. Afraid to continue, we decide against our better judgement.

Having nowhere left to go, and nothing left to lose, we move on. As we gaze upon the light, the mystery of it deepens and perplexes us. Three lights, appearing as one, stretch out their rays; they interweave into a single braid which reaches for our heart. A moment of hesitation begins to feel like a lifetime. The soothing warmth of the light comforts us. We expose our weary heart, its wrinkles, bruises, and scars. Despite the defects and ugliness, the light attaches to our heart like an umbilical cord; irreparable damage begins to renew and a spirit is born within us. The inseparable bond continues to feed our soul so long as we let it. Finally we have found it. Our true Father. Love. Life. Thanks be to God!

(Bradford Smith is an active member of New Life Community Church)

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