by Brad Smith Jr.


“Out of sight out of mind” allows us to forget many things. If we forget something, or allow it to slip our minds, then we will not be able to accomplish or improve whatever that may be. In order to do anything with intention, it must be on the forefront of our mind. Change must be intentional; the reason we seldom change is that we either do not make the intentional, conscious effort, or, we allow it to slip into the back of our mind and even forget it entirely.
So then, if we seek change, we need to put those goals on the forefront of our minds every day. These are questions I need to ask myself every day in order to actively and intentionally work towards my goals. How is my relationship with God today and what can I do to improve it? How is my wife doing, which of her needs can I focus on to improve her day? How are each of my children, do any of them need special attention? What can I do to lead my family in a dignified way today? Which of my friends is struggling or could benefit from me reaching out to them today?
I will write these questions out and keep them where I can easily read them every morning so I can start my days out with my primary goals in mind.

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